Sunday, February 16, 2014


It's been ages since I've posted, and I guess that's okay. It's been busy, and awesome, and tiring, and fun, and just crazy.

But today I am 20. and I cheated.

While walking through Superstore my mom asked me "What kind of birthday cake do you want?" and as we walked I thought for a bit, and then I saw the rainbow/confetti chip cake mixes and I said "That one!". She laughed, and asked "Do you have that little faith in me that I can't bake a birthday cake?" (seeing as my mom doesn't really like cooking or baking, and she has never expressed the same joy I do while in the kitchen). I replied and said "No, I just really want confetti cake". Because really, I do.

So we bought the cake mix, she baked it, and I decorated it. Team effort, and I can't wait to eat it.

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