Thursday, January 19, 2012

the cookie jar - what's wrong with it?

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For as long as I've been baking (about nine years now, wow!) never have I ever been able to succeed in making a cookie just right. They always, always are either too flat, too puffy, and always, always dry out after the first day. This problem though, has only ever lived within my kitchen. When I was a culinary student my subconscious gathered that what I was doing was going to be judged, and decided to turn out wonderfully. Sadly, that was the first and only time that happened.

So, when I found yet another recipe for the simple chocolate chip cookie, I figured I had nothing to lose if I tried it out (except for all those ingredients that my mother nothing to lose!) Once again, I was highly disappointed with my ability (or more so lack of) to make chocolate chip cookies.

I used Jacques Torres' Secret Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe because it looked absolutely delectable. But, even though the delicious tingling taste bud sense was there, they looked awful. I followed all the instructions to the T, but I got flat cookies. And even though they were supposed to be flat, I'm sure they weren't supposed to be crepe flat.

So, if you happen to make this recipe just for kicks (or any other favourite cookie recipe for that matter), would you mind telling me your little secret to success? It would be so lovely!

Some day when I'm married and have children, my children will be the most deprived when it comes to cookies if their own baker of a mother can't make a simple chocolate chip cookie.

P.S. I found a new blog that's got sooooo many wonderful recipes! She collects them and posts all on her blog page with photos galore! It's like you just walked into a buffet line and you don't know what to pick first to eat (or in this case, make). So, go check out FoodGwaker and tell me your favourite new treasures!

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