Sunday, May 13, 2012

Julie & Julia (& Julianna)

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 today I bought and watched the movie Julie & Julia. while watching I was baking up a batch up peanut butter cup chocolate cupcakes, and I felt as though I could relate completely and totally to Julie Powell. so as I was baking my cupcakes and hearing Meryl Streep (Julia Child) say "Bon Appétit" many, many times, I remembered back to when I first watched the movie when it came out (2009). I remembered that that was the reason I started this blog. I knew it would never be anything big, but I loved to cook and bake. I loved coming up with new things and experimenting at the cost of my mom's groceries. I figured I'd start posting, just for myself to see what would happen. and here I am, two years later with only 35 (now 36) posts, and 11 followers. it's a miracle, really. I never thought I would even have followers. so I guess in a way this is a thank you to those of you who do read this. I love this blog. I don't bake/cook as much as I used to, but my passion has grown. cheers, to Julie & Julia. p.s. it was a little ironic that I started this blog because of that movie/life of those two, all the while having the name Julianna.

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